Friday, October 8, 2010

Self Control

Let's talk about self control.. I have none. LOL This past weekend my husband had to go to Chattanooga for his fraternity's conference. What a blast we had! While Mr. Right worked for the frat, the tot and I went galavanting around Downtown Chatty. We had serious fun at the Tennessee Aquarium. It's a beautiful facility and Kherington had a great time playing with the "pish."

Look at how big she has gotten. It still makes me want to cry a little bit when I see how fast she grew out of the baby stage. She's so independent now at a year and a half (20 months).

Of course I couldn't resist stopping at the Hancock Fabrics in Chatty because we don't have one in Knoxville anymore. (This is the lack of self control part.) They closed the Knoxville shop down a few years ago. I miss the variety that it provided. That said, when I called this particular Hancock Fabrics for the opening time I was disappointed because the conversation went like this:

*ring ring*
Hancock worker: "Yeah?"
Me: "Um hi.. is this Hancock Fabrics?"
Hancock worker: "Yeah"
Me: "What time to you open?"
Hancock worker: "12:00pm"
Me: "Um okay thank you."
Hancock worker: "Yeah"

Yep.. that's how it went.. Luckily I found a few pieces of fabric that I really liked. The nice woman who cut my fabric made up for the other employee's lack of enthusiasm. She was great and I think her name was Joyce. Joyce you rock.

Here is what I got.. The first two are for me. The first is a woven and the second animal print is a knit.. The last picture is for the babe. It's a cute cozy flannel.

I was so excited about my fabric find that I sent pics to my sister.. Her first response, "I thought we weren't buying anymore fabric?" *silence*

On a parting note.. Check us out at the University of Tennessee game! This was Kheri's first game and her favorite part was the "Wave." 

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Vogue Patterns

Am I the only one that get's a high off of new patterns? LOL There is nothing like going to the site and seeing a fresh batch of styles. Eww wee! So here are some of the ones I have my eye on from Vogue's Fall lineup.

How beautiful and simple is this little number? This makes a great Fall dress that can be worn with pumps or a sandal.

This dress doesn't scream fall but it does scream make me! This is a great answer for women who are very busty but want to wear the one shoulder trend (with a bra!)!

I have a great animal print that would look so fierce in this number! 
Recently Erica Bunker was talking about the Little Black Dress.. Oh this one could be mine!! 

This is such a pretty and feminine little number. I could see this for a wedding or tea! Where did they get those shoes? I really want them...

I LOVE this dress! They needed this for the summer season!

Do you have any favorites? Here is the full line.. Vogue Fall Patterns

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sizing Myself Up and other Ramblings

You ever go into a store thinking you are one size but walking away with the sad face? That happens to me every time I go into odds and end stores like Forever 21 to buy a random little something. I go from a small to a large. *sad face*

That feeling has struck again. I am almost done with Butterick 5249 (the top right view in khaki). 

Sidenote: Great pattern by the way. Not that hard, but has a great designer look. Okay back to the issue at hand. I always cut my patterns in a 12 (for my non-sewers a 12 in home sewing isn't the same as a retail 12.) A 12 always work for me but there is always so much ease I end up taking in my pieces quite a bit. So this time I said, "Girlfriend, just cut a 10 and go forth to a better fit." (Okay I didn't say all that but that is pretty much how it went in my mind.) Yeah, a 10 in this pattern was the same as me thinking I wear a small at Forever 21. It fits great but just too tight for my taste. So now I am going to have to go back and let out the hips and waste a little bit. *sad face*

Yeah so that's why I am not wearing the skirt to show you all my progress. Too much shame. LOL This should be done by the weekend and I move on to something else. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Am I the only one that still struggles with fit??

Fabulous Finds...

You ever go into random stores and score great things? I do all the time. I was at my neighborhood Big Lots (land of the random) when I stumbled upon this.. 

Can you say fashion FIND!! It's the book on all of her clothes from the campaign trail and in the White House. Guess how much? $5.. Yep $5!! It makes a great coffee table book or sewing inspiration book. 

Adding to the Stash..

Even though I said I wouldn't.. I did. I bought more fabric from JoAnn's even though I own enough fabric to cloth a small village.. Any who here is what I bought. *giggles*

The first is a yummy knit that I am making who knows what out of.. the next two are woven cottons. Of course the last one is for Kherington. 

Go forth and sew...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sew Glam.. the Girl Scouts that is..

I don't remember the Girl Scouts having a glammed out sewing badge when I was a Junior!! My childhood friend, Elena, is a troop leader and was telling me on Facebook about the "Sew Glam" badge. My ears perked up!

This badge is AWESOME! Here are some of the excerpts from the badge description:

    * Develop sewing and knitting techniques that will benefit your wardrobe now-and your career in design later
    * Unleash creativity on existing pieces to make old and ordinary into new and glamorous!
    * Personalize your space by creating unique pieces


   1. Invite a local clothier, dressmaker, tailor, or fashion design student to advise you (and your group) on stitching. While creating a personalized pillow for your room, learn and practice four different kinds of sewing stitches: back stitch; blanket (also known as "buttonhole"); cross stitch; and running stitch.

Hint: a good source for stitch "how-to" descriptions is Susan B.'s online dictionary (

How fabulous is all of this?!

You have to check out the full write up here: Girl Scout's Sew Glam Badge

Sewing Patterns

As you all know I am getting back into the swing of things and catching up on the new (and old) patterns out there. I usually don't check out New Look because they have 20 pattern sizes in one package. LOL There are a few that have really caught my eye!

New Look 6003

I need view B and D in my life right now! How cute is that!? I am piking this up today and starting on it right away. Too cute! Peplum skirts are all the rage. Take a look at just a few of them in stores now.

New Look 6016

This little number is so cute and I can't wait to make this for Kheri!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's Talk Fall Trends and Good Practices

According to here are the big trends for Fall 2010:

   1. Fifties Something
   2. Fur Real (Faux, Too)
   3. Hue New
   4. Man Up
   5. The Gold Economy
   6. The Long View
   7. Under Wraps

Here's what I am excited about!!

I am totally feeling the 50's/60's trend. I hate to admit I have never watched Mad Men but I love the era! This will surely be apart of my Fall sewing plan.

Hues and Gold -- yes ma'am! I think bright colors play to my personality. Find the color that enhances your look and ROCK IT!

So have you picked out your sewing patterns for fall? I have but I think I will wait until the official first day of Fall to discuss...

I was cleaning out the guest bedroom where I sew and realized I haven't had my machine serviced.. Uhhh that's not good. So today I am dropping off the Viking to be cleaned, lubed, etc.. How often do you get your machine serviced? How often do you do it yourself?

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

That's right. After 19+ months of a sewingless life I am making the jump back in front of the machine. For those of you who used to follow my previous blog, That's Sew Live, you know how hard this has been. Motherhood is a BEAST! A delightful beast -- but a beast. Now that Kherington is a toddler I am making more time for myself. Somehow I lost the That's Sew Live domain which aggravated me to no end so I am starting fresh. I hope you all find this blog refreshing!! It will be about sewing, fashion, life, mommy-hood, career and more.